Minnie Papers

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These papers were produced by my Great Aunt Minnie Maud Sibbets. She was born Sara Jane Lamson on the Oregon Trail. As an infant she was adopted by the Sibbets family and her name was changed. She is the sister of Cora Maybelle Lamson who married John Wilson Brassfield. Minnie never married. She was born on the plains near Fort Kearney Nebraska, on a wagon train. My grandmother related the story to me when I was a child. She said times were so tough that they had to give Sara Jane (Minnie) to a childless couple in the train. That was the Sibbets family.

When the McAllister’s  were preparing their book “Brasfield/Brassfield Genealogies” they put out a written request to all Brasfield/Brassfield families in the United States (maybe more). They did this in the early 1950’s shortly after my grandmother Cora Brassfield had passed away. Fortunately, Great Aunt Minnie had done research on her own and was in the know all about the Brassfield family.

The documents on the next two pages are her notes that were provided to the McAlisters for inclusion in their book. I have used these papers for my own research as I believe aunt Minnie was close with some of the people noted in these papers. Further, it appears much of this information was from her own research back in the 1940’s. It’s all handwritten so there is no index.

So, read them carefully, ask for clarification where you need it, and let me know about any errors or omissions.